We had the honor to be visited by the Chinese Amassadore Lan Lijun and some of his family and staff. The mayor of Arboga, Olle Ytterberg also came to Asoma to have a look around. 

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The chinese ambassador Lan Lijun is conversing with our initiator Richard Brixel and the mayor of Arboga, Olle Ytterberg. 

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Then the chinese amabssadore Lan Lijun and the mayor Olle Ytterberg vas shown around. Here professor Xu Zenglong tells them about his sculpture.


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The chinese ambassadore and artist Devin Laurence are talking about Devin's sculpture. 

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Li Jinze shows his sculpture to the ambassadore. 

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Lasse Nilsson explains his idea behind his sculpture. 

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Wen Chao shakes hands with the chinese ambassadore Lan Lijun. 


Insa Winkler is working on her sculpture. 


Professor Don Shubing is painting his sculpture. 


Florin Strejac is attatching the wing on his butterfly

Pictures taken by: Birgit Nilsson

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