We invited art and cultural enthusiast in Arboga and the region for a meeting with our artists in the project. 

First, Håkan Sterner and Richard Brixel introduced the project, and then all our fantastisc artist got the opportunity to tell the guests a little about them selfs and their past and futur work. It was a very successful evening! 


A lot of people turned up. 


But befor the artist could take the stadge, we had a surprise-visit by Jesper Lissmark-Hult and Elin Höglund, two friends who are biking from Nordkap (Norway) to south of Spain, giving out Free Hugs on the way to spread peace and love. The goal is to collect money to an organization called Friends, who works with preventing bullying in schools. 


And then it was the artist turn to enter the stadge. Here we see the newly arrived Anthony Heywood from Great Britan talking a bit about his work. 


Li Jinze is presnting his work. In the background a banner with a list of all of our fantastic sponsors are hanging. 

All the arstists also got a personal melody, written and played by local arstist Johannes Sernåta, played on the accordion. 

Pictures taken by: Birigt Johansson

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