Peace Monuments of War Material

Peace Monuments of War Material is an international sculpture symposium with the aim of creating peace monuments from scrapped military equipment. The project will be implemented during 2011 and 2012.


The Symposium starts with an art exhibition of sketches that the artists made for their sculptures. This exhibition was shown in Beijing, December 2011, and will be shown in Arboga in the spring 2012.


Later on a symposium will take place in August of 2012 when all these internationally active artists will gather to make peace monuments in the form of sculptures. They will work in a large studio, ASOMA. An industrial facility along the river in Arboga.


Our plan is that these peace monuments shall form a permanent sculpture park in some beautiful place close by.


The Artist Richard Brixel is the initiator of the project. Through him the artists from all over the world were invited to participate. The association MEKENS VÄNNER of Arboga owns and has been runnings bye the projectleader Håkan Sterner at


MEKENS VÄNNER of Arboga work to develop the fine arts and the cultural life of the region. MEKENS VÄNNER has been awarded both public and private grants and fundings to be able to realize our projects.


A particular seminar on ” Art as an Arrow to Sustainable Economic Growth” will be organized during the symposium.


We hope that by creating of a Sculpture Park with Peace Monuments of War Material in the region, Arboga and its new Sculpture Park will create both a large media attraction and for long times will be an important place to visit.


Welcome to participate in this unique project!

Here is the result: Skulpturparken Arboga

    1. Zhu Ying—China                     "Flower in Arboga"

    2. Devin Laurence Field-USA     "Arch of Arboga—Arbogaporten"

    3. Li Jinze-China                         "Shake hands for peace"

    4. Insa Winkler-Tyskland             "From heart to heart-green grotta"

    5. Lasse Nilsson—Sverige          "The Savior"

    6. Mats Lodén-Sverige                 "Peaceful character"

    7. Mats Lodén-Sverige                 "Ikaros"

    8. Yang Junlan-China                   "We are family"

    9. Wen Chao-China                      "War is over"

    10. Xu Zhenglong-China               "Harmony and unity—from missile to pen"

    11. Dong Shubing-China               "Wind and dust"

    12. Jenny Grönvall-Sverige           "Make food not war"

    13. Florin Strejac-Rumänien          "The butterfly projekt"

    14. Anthony Heywood-UK             "Send the weapons to the moon"

    15. Linda Verkaaik-Holland            "The wave—the flying dutchman"

    16. Dong Shubing-China                "Let alla weapons be sealed up"

    17. Wei Xiaming-China                    "A letter of peace"


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