In Arboga blooming peace


Arboga Blomman


Further workis in progress -wewill return when wehavean attractive investment forall ourpeacesculptures.


IMG 1875

 Near therailroadisAnthonyHeywoodsimpressiverocket"Send the weapons to the moon" todraw attentionto the sculpture park.

IMG 1873 copy

Adjacent toThe rocketisalso LiJinzesthreecannons"Shakehandsfor peace".

IMG 1544

 Statelycenter ofthe large courtyardrisesInsaWinkler'speacemonument"From heart toheart -GreenGrotta". 

ThisposesBishopDinisSengulanefrom Mozambique.

IMG 1867

The American artistDevinLaurenceField hascreated "Arboga Arch -Arbogaporten"asanimpressiveentranceintothesculpturepark.

IMG 1866

After passingthrough the gateyou will arrive atDongShubingsincredibly beautifulwork tobeweldeda giantspider weboverhisgun - "Wind and dust".

IMG 1863

Once inside theparkboastsMatsLodénbeautifulsculpture"Peaceful Character".

IMG 1861

Inthe left cornerof the lawn, we find WeiXiaoming's sculpture"A Letter ofPeace". It is locatednext toanaviarywhereeventuallylive birdswill flyoverthenest, which is built on the cannonbarrel.

IMG 1855

 IMG 1853

If we thenhalfway acrossthe lawn, we come to a small hillwhereLasseNilsson's"TheSavior" willfloat freelyin the wind.Currently underconstruction ...

IMG 1850

StableislocatedDongShubingscannon"LetalltheweaponspraySealdup,"steadfast inconcrete.

IMG 1849

Inthe other cornerofthe large lawnrisesperhaps themost challengingpeacesculpture "War is over"created byWenChao.

IMG 1840

ZhuYingcalledthe young artistwho created the"Flower in Arboga," and it is locatednext to thebeautifularbogariver.

IMG 1844

 In a beautiful locationnext toarbogariverrisesLindaVerkaaik's fashion sparklingwings"The flying Duchman," which creates an excitingnaturalimagewhenthe wingslooking the river.

IMG 1847

MatsLodénhimto createtwosculpturespeace. Hereis"Icarus" andremindsusof the impossibilityto fly tothe sun.

IMG 1871

The journalist andtheesteemedProfessor XuZenglonghas createda penofa traditionalrocket.He hasnamed it "Marmony andUnity- fromMissiletoPen".

IMG 1134

StudentsYangJunlanhave createdthe sculpture"We arefamily". It is positionedinsideArbogaStureparken. But we hope thatitwill soonbe in placeinour permanentsculpture park.


MekensFriends incollaborationwithJäderbruksEcoEstateis launchinga collaboration topromote the meetingbetween different cultures andto stimulateimportant future issues.


Skarmavbild 2013-08-15 kl. 17.27.34

AssociationMekensFriendsinspectsSculpture ParkonJädersbruk

Skarmavbild 2013-08-15 kl. 17.27.19

An inspiring meetinginside themansionwhereLola &FlorianBaumgarten, HasseBjorkmanand HåkanSternerintroduced theconcept of "Arboga Peace &Art Center, as well as where and howthe sculptureswill be placed.

Arboga Peace & Art Center

Inspires sustainable relationships through art, knowledge of human encounters Arboga is an ancient cultural city where Sweden's Parliamentary Session took place in 1435. Gustav Vasa built the first Swedish arms factory in Arboga and Swedish Parliament was placed here in 1710. Today, Sweden's overall peace Inventory in Arboga and now also Arboga Peace & Art Center. An arts & culture center to communicate current issues of the future.

2012 arranged Arts & Cultural Mekens Friends in collaboration with the artist and promoter Richard Brixel and event producer Håkan Sterner a sculpture symposium called "Peace Monuments of War Materials". It involved 15 international contemporary artists from the U.S., China and Europe, to bring peace monument discarded munitions and which will form a unique sculpture park Jäderbruks Herrgård in Arboga.

Sculpture Park Jädersbruk
In a beautiful and inspiring environment in Jäder Mill Manor along Arbogaån there will be 16 impressive peace sculptures carefully placed in the park. The sculptures are owned by the Arts & Cultural Mekens Friends, who is also responsible for the management of the works and organizes guided tours of the park.

Human Encounters
Through the inspiration of peace sculptures and well-prepared meetings in a unique environment, with clear objectives and measurable goals, invites Arboga Peace & Art Center to talk about sustainable relationships. Håkan Sterner Event Consultant in collaboration with a number of organizers in art, culture, peace & future issues invites to diverse and meaningful meetings.

Jädersbruks Herrgård (Estate)
In a mansion dating from the first Swedish arms factory in 1551 invites Lola & Florian Baumgarten to meetings with a solid environmental & sustainability philosophy. It features unique meeting environments complemented by a well thought out host where the ecology and health is the guiding principle in all relationships and offers.

Together, we offer a unique concept, which opens up for meetings on all the current issues of the future, today we
have to discuss and relate to. Please feel free to respond to and involved in Arboga Peace & Art Center.

Jadersbruk Sommar

Just want totell you that wemade agood meeting with:
BishopDinisSengulanefrom Mozambiqueinoursculpturestudioon April 25.


Along withLisaFrobergfrom theSwedishChurch inVästeråsbishop cametooursculpture parkonAsomatoascertainhowwe implementedoursculpturesymposiumandtalk aboutcollaboration on:
"Peace Monumentsof WarMaterials"


-The meeting was attended bytworepresentatives fromthe Church ofArboga.
-Business ManagerGoranDahlenandour PresidentHasseBjörkman.


Furthermore, we got a goodmedia attentionandcoverage ofthe meeting.
-Västmanland Televisiondid along articlesenttoday.
-Arboga Magazinewere on handto report -checktomorrow's paper.



The meeting started withthatwe showedour movie.
Next,we invitedfor coffeeand conversation.BishopDinisSengulanetoldaboutthesculpture parkhas been builtinMozambiqueofhandguns.
Interviewswith the media
Walking tour ofthe sculpture park
Subsequenttalksabout a possiblecollaboration.BishopDinisSengulanereturn toSwedenon 18&19/92013 andwouldthen be happy tomeet again.Hewould also like totakea fewof the artists whoparticipated intheirmakingpeacesculpturesto possiblyimplement a smallsymposium inArbogaalternativeplanfor futurejoint exercisesin the future.Such a thoughtis thatnow that we havetwo countries (Sweden andMozambique) already haspeacemonumentof military equipment, move on to a third country (South Africa) in order to jointlyimplementthe third.Next, we havea good reason tomove to thecountry after anotherto implementtogetherthese peaceactions.


The5/14meetingthe Board andproject teaminMekensFriends toevaluatethis meetingand decide onthe time andplanfor future efforts.

IMG 1544

In the autumn of 2012 held constant meetings in our Sculpture Studio Asoma. On UN Day on 24/10 visited about 170 children our sculpture park on Asoma.

Insas med skolbarn


Insas med skolbarn 2

We have also demonstrated our new film documentation for some of our main sponsors.

ViP pa Radhuset

ViP pa Asoma

Now it´s ready - Thanks to all Artists!

Alla konstnarer pa Mig Wei Xiaoming, Devin Field, Jenny Grönvall, Florin Strejac, Yang Junglan, Lasse Nilsson, Linda Verkaaik, Dong Shubing, Zhu Ying, Mats Lodén, Insa Winkler, Wen Chao, Xu Zenglong, Li Jinze, Richard Brixel, Anthony Heywood and Jesse Swickard.

The SculpturePark in Asoma

1. Zhu Ying—China - "Flower in Arboga"

Zhus Blomma

2. Devin Laurence Field-USA     "Arboga Arch —Arbogaporten"
"This sculpture is made from the most simple and gracefull parts of the war materials that I could find, in an effort to create an arch that is not complicated or aggressive. It is painted white because white is the coulor of purity and peace. Set in concrete level with the ground it is intended for the public to pass thought it and around it, representing the transition from war to peace."

Devins Vingar

3. Li Jinze-China - "Shake hands for peace"


4. Insa Winkler-Tyskland - "From heart to heart-green grotta"

Insa Winkler - Grotta copy

5. Lasse Nilsson Sverige - "The Savior"

Lasse Engel pa stang

6. Mats Lodén-Sverige - "Peaceful character


7. Mats Lodén-Sverige - "Ikaros"


8. Yang Junlan-China - " We are family  "

Yang Junlan

9. Wen Chao-China - "War is over"

Wei Chaos Rullstol

10. Xu Zhenglong-China - "Harmony and unity—from missile to pen"

Xus Penna

11. Dong Shubing- China "Wind and dust"

Dongs Spindelnat

12. Jenny Grönvall-Sverige - "Make food not war"

The sculptureis an artisticsuggestions on howthe resources usedin the armed forcesin the form ofresearch andmoney ata redistributioncan promotelife andpeace.The proposalis to usethe resourcesto developa machine that canrecycle materialsand make itinto powderfood.
The sculpture isalso asalute toradical feminismand ValerieSolanasSCUMManifestowhichSolanaproposes that thewaris basicallya patriarchalstructurethat can beeasilyrationalizedaway, and suggests thatwith the help ofresearch andautomationto developa cure foranydiseaseand thereforedeath.
The sculpture isa montageof mixedelementsfrom the controlpanels infighter aircraft, thoselocated inan industrialrefrigerator.

Jennys Kylskap

13. Florin Strejac-Rumänien - "The butterfly projekt"

Florins Fisk

14. Anthony Heywood-UK - "Send the weapons to the moon"

Anthonys Mig

Constructed by a team led by sculptor Anthony Heywood in collaboration with Uwe Derksen.

Anthony Heywoos like to see his sculpture like this:

orgoba peace projectah2012

15. Linda Verkaaik-Holland - The wave—the flying dutchman

War and peace are a contradiction - So is my sculpture - Inside the ord wings of war iI did cut out the waving arms of people - Wawing out of cheer - Or crying for help = a contradiction - Also war and peace are contradictions in itselfs


The good things of war is that it connect people - The bad thin of peace is it disconnect people get selfish and that skes for war again


Linda Verkaaik 2012

Lindas vingar

16. Dong Shubing-China Let alla weapons be sealed up

Dongs CementKanon copy

17. Wei Xiaming-China A letter of peace


The Quartet

Kvartetten i P12 copy

Richard Brixel, Zhu Ying, Michelle Fan Meisi and Håkan Sterner


All the sculptures are now moved in to their final positions. Befor opening up to the public, the artist, all involved in the project and our sponsors were invited to a privat tour in the temporary sculpturepark. 


Here Yang JunLan's sculpture is moved into place.



Shu Ying and Richard Brixel is telling the guests about her sculpture. 



Mats Lodén, together with Richard Brixel, gives a background to his sculpture. 


Pictures taken by: Birgit Johansson



For many of our artist, this was the final workingday. One after another, they began to get ready. Here, Florin Strejac's butterfly. 


Linda Grönwall painted her refrigerater both with text and pictures. 


After successfully moving the sculpture outside Devin Laurence Feild painted his schulpter white. 


Lasse Nilsson is working on his, soon to be, angel of war. 


Linda Verkaaik is making a basis for her sculpture to stand on. 


Insa Winkler is doing the final touches to her sculpture. 


She also painted her sculpture green. 

Pictures taken by: Birgit Johansson


We had the honor to be visited by the Chinese Amassadore Lan Lijun and some of his family and staff. The mayor of Arboga, Olle Ytterberg also came to Asoma to have a look around. 

tis1 copy copy

The chinese ambassador Lan Lijun is conversing with our initiator Richard Brixel and the mayor of Arboga, Olle Ytterberg. 

tis2 copy

Then the chinese amabssadore Lan Lijun and the mayor Olle Ytterberg vas shown around. Here professor Xu Zenglong tells them about his sculpture.


tis3 copy

The chinese ambassadore and artist Devin Laurence are talking about Devin's sculpture. 

tis4 copy

Li Jinze shows his sculpture to the ambassadore. 

tis5 copy

Lasse Nilsson explains his idea behind his sculpture. 

tis7 copy

Wen Chao shakes hands with the chinese ambassadore Lan Lijun. 


Insa Winkler is working on her sculpture. 


Professor Don Shubing is painting his sculpture. 


Florin Strejac is attatching the wing on his butterfly

Pictures taken by: Birgit Nilsson


mån copy

Professor Xu Zenglong is working on his pencil. 

mån1 copy

Shu Ying's sculpture is erected. 

mån2 copy

Yang JunLan has come a long way o his mobile. 

mån3 copy

And so has Linda Verkaaik. It's not completely finished yet and it already looks amazing. 

mån4 copy

Professor Wei Xiao Ming made this wonderful bird's nest on top of an old cannon. 

mån6 copy

Shu Yings flower is now standing on it's own. 

Pictures taken by: Birgit Johansson



Richard Brixel invited all the artists, the project group and the hard working volunteers to a big crayfish party at his place. Here, Richard Brixel with artist Insa Winkler. 


There was crayfich both enough and to spare. 


It was another beautiful summernight. 



Everyone had a great time at Richards place.

Pictures taken by: Birgit Johansson



Linda Verkaaik's sculpture is almost finished. 


The newest addition to Insa Winkler's vat is the aircraft tail from the MIG-plane. 



Shu Ying and her, amlost finished flower, made out of propellers. 



Mats Lodén hides a face in his sculpture. 



After some twisting and turning, Devin Laurence finally got his sculpter out through the doors. 



Wie Xaio Ming's sculpter of a bird feeding it's chicks. 


Picutres taken by: Birgit Johansson



Later that night we all got together for a mediveal party. At Munken & Hönan, a  mediveal pub, we all dressed up in mediveal costumes to get in the right mood. 

Here a picture of all artist together. 


Shu Ying and Michele Fan Meise looking beautiful in their medivel costumes. 


The entertainment for the evening consisted of old swedish songs sung to the beautiful sound of nyckeharpa (keyharp). 


After, we enjoyed a fantastic fishsoup at Ågården in Arboga. From the left: Jesse Swichard, Isabella Lövin, Devin Laurence and Lasse Nilsson. 


It was a beautiful summernight. From the left: Håkan Sandberg, Li Jinze and professor Xu Zenglong

Pictures taken by: Birgit Johansson

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