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1985 Graduated from Art Dept. of Jing Dezhen Ceramic Academy with Bachelor degree.

1991 Graduated from Central Academy of Arts & Design with Master degree.

2001 Graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua Univer- sity with Doctor degree. Associate Professor and doctor of Sculpture Dept. in Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University Tutor of post- graduate Art Activities.

2011Tsinghua Art- Plastic Arts Exhibition of Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University (National Museum of China) Tsinghua University Centennial Shui Mu Tsinghua ·An International Sculpture Exhibition on Campus (Tsinghua University) Coessential·Heterogeneous-Con- temporary Art Invitation Exhibition(Hong Kong Art Museum)

2010 The 4th Beijing International Art Biennale (National Art Mu- seum of China)

2009 China Power- International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition (Beijing International Sculpture Garden) Interaction-Tendency Con- temporary International Metal Art Exhibition (Excellence Award) (Tsinghua University

2008 China Contemporary Artistic Document Exhibition Beijing. China-Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition Beijing. China and Sweden Two Countries Interact-China Contemporary Scu- lpture Exhibition Beijing Dynamic and Static-China and Korea Culture Exchanges Exhibition Beijing Gathering Dreams-Beijing 100 Olympic Sculptures International Exhibition Beijing

2007 What Is Next? -Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Hongkong Harmonious But Diverse-China Contemporary Nominated Sculpture Exhibition Beijing Annual Shanghai International Exhibition of Scu- lptures Shanghai

2006 Humanistic Platform-Experimental Portrait Sculpture Exhibi- tion of Chinese Sculptors Tianjin The Road To Open-The 2nd Art Festival Invitational Exhibition for Public Sculpture in Songzhuang Beijing. Won the excellent award of Zhengzhou international Sculp- ture Exhibition Zhengzhou

2005"100 Artists for a Museum"-International Contemporary Exhibi- tion Italy

Sculpture of A Century-Famous Sculptors of New Era Invitation Ex- hibition Shanghai. Dialogue-The 1st Metal Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Beijing

2004 Won the excellent award of the 3rd Young Sculptors Invitatio- nal Exhibition Shanghai. Won the excellent award of the 3rd National City Sculpture Exhibition Beijing. Won the silver award of Exhibition of Teachers in Tsinghua University Beijing

2003 Go to fair-Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing. "Sea-Music" International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Xiamen

2002 NO1- International Art Exhibition Italy,Vantican,San Marino. Won the 2nd prize of Chinese Sculpture Art Competition Hui'an. Weishan International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Korea. Brid- ge-Chinese Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition Changchun. "New Century of Sculpture"-The 1st International Mini Sculpture Exhibition Taiwan. Japan, Korea and China-Professors' Artwork Ex- hibition Japan.

2001 Art & Science International Art Exhibition Beijing. Share & Coexist-Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Beijing. Dream to the old garden-Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Shanxi. West Lake International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Hangzhou

2000 The 2nd Contemporary Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibi- tion Hangzhou Contemporary Sculpture Theme Exhibition Beijing. Won the excellent award of Invitational Rock Sculpture Invitational Exhibition ShiJiazhuang

1999 International Sculpture Invitational Exhibition Changchun. Contemporary Young Sculptors Exhibition Shanghai. 33 Chinese Mo- dern Sculptors Exhibition Beijing

1998 Platform-'98 Young Sculptors Exhibition Beijing

1997 4 Artists From China and Abroad Exhibition Beijing. Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition Beijing. Chinese Contemporary Sculp- ture Exhibition Beijing


2006 < Structure of Sculpture > Tsinghua Publishing House

2001 Sculpture > Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House

1999 < Logo Sculpture > Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House < Wall Decoration Design > Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House

1997 Decoration Sculpture > Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing House Public Collections. Italy Casoria Museum. Beijing Olympics Park. Changchun International Sculpture Park. Shanghai City Sculpture Art Center. Spain Malaga City Hall. Hangzhou Government. Zhengzhou Government. Nanchang Government.





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